What actually is

Simply, it's an online service, which allows you to connect with other travelers as new friends, travel companions, activity partners, or even as dates. What you look for is up to you; is simply where to look.

How does it work? allows you to search our database of members. Your search parameter may be a mutual travel destination, a local resident at your final stop, or even travelers arriving in your home town. However you search and however often, once you find that fellow traveler, send a message. The messaging feature allows you to contact him or her, to get to know each other and start making those plans together.

How do I get started?

Subscribe by creating your personal profile and your trip profiles. This latter involves any of your prospective trips, whether planned or tentative. Tell the world who you are, where you're going, and what you're looking for. After that, peruse other members' trip profiles, and of course, others may now peruse yours.

How much will it cost to use

Subscribing is FREE, as a member you can post a personal and trip profile, search and view other member profiles, and REPLY to messages sent by other members. New members receive a FREE trial Premium Membership for 5-10 days, which will allow you to SEND messages you create to other members. After the free trial period, there is a fee to renew your Membership.

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